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Peter and Suelaine Poot purchased their first two alpacas in 2004. Since then, their 24-acre family farm has become home to both Suri and Huacaya Alpacas, as well as to their six children (Ben, Joellen, Taryn, Moria, Reuben & Isaac) who are all active both within their farm and the surrounding community.

  • The youngest boys, Reuben & Isaac, started ‘A Brother’s Bond’ Alpaca Farm in 2008
  • Moria started ‘Providence Pastures’ Alpaca Farm in 2007 and sold it to pay off her student loans in 2015.
  • Taryn started her herd in 2009, with the farm name of To Be Alpacas. She now has her herd at a farm in Caledonia.
  • Joy & her husband, David, and their son are frequent visitors and helpers on the farm.
  • Ben is an indispensable source of man power on the farm and assist daily with the chores.

Our Alpacas

Pootcorners is unique in that they raise their
animals for both clothing fibres and for meat consumption, unlike most other Alpaca fibre farms within Ontario. As a result of this sustainable, no-waste practice, Pootcorners produces beautiful, natural coloured Alpaca hides, as well as lovely clothing and other fibre products.

logoWhere To Find Us

Call to come see us at the farm or visit us at the local fairs, farmers’ markets, and craft shows during the summer and fall months.



Our Alpaca fibre and hides are also used by clothing manufacturers such as Peggy Sue Collection.

We are now part of Terego, a network of free overnight parking spaces offered by terroir producers in Canada who thrive to warmly greet and host RV travelers.

Contact Information

Suelaine & Peter Poot
9455 Perth Road 146 RR#2
Palmerston, Ontario
Phone:  (519) 343-3745
Fax:  (519) 343-4377
Email:  info@pootcorners.com
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